The Grand Canyon Trip – Day 4 & 5

Hello people of the Internet! We left Durango, and headed straight to Gunnison, Colorado. We arrived in Gunnison at about 4:00, and we went to our hotel and loaded our stuff in.

We still had a while until night time, so we went to a nearby playground. Of course I played, but my main goal was to conquer the rock wall. I tried many ways and strategies, but was defeated every time.

Where do I put my foot now?
Well, the easy way didn’t work. Let’s try the super hard way!


     We went back to our hotel after we had a very magnificent dinner at the Ol’ Miner Steak House, and headed back up to our room. Although, I saw there was a pool. So, I got in my  bathing suit and I jumped in! I swam around for a half hour, but then we realized it was 8:00 PM.
     We headed up to our room and went to bed. That morning, I woke up, and I got ready to conquer that rock wall! But we had to have breakfast first. So we went downstairs to the buffet, and I saw it. Standing there. It was so amazing, it had a faint glow around it. It was… the automatic pancake maker. Just press the button, and out comes a nice, warm, toasty pancake.
     After a healthy breakfast, we went back to the playground, and I finally got to the top of the rock wall.

     I finally made it, but the only trouble was, how the heck do I get down? I decided to jump, and I did not regret it, because the top of the rock wall was so bumpy, that if I tried to climb down, I would fall flat on my face, and I would be very sad.
     We headed to Alamosa, Colorado for lunch, and then we headed back to Raton.
     That’s it for our trip! Thanks for reading and following along on our adventure. Remember, if you’re not following already, be sure to click the ‘follow’ button in the bottom right so you can get notified when a new post on our adventure is out!
See you all next time! Bye!


This blog and the it’s components were part of Aiden’s 4th through 6th grade homeschool lessons. Aiden planned and compiled a blog throughout the years to document projects and as general practice in English Language Arts and Technology. Major programs included: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Blender 3D modeling, Minecraft, and Final Cut Pro.

-Liz LaFrance

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