The Grand Canyon Trip – Day 3

Hello people of the Internet! As you know, we arrived at the Grand Canyon. Of course we wanted to see the canyon, but what we we’re also excited about, was the sunrise.

To get a great view of the sunrise, some websites had suggested we go to Yaki (yah-kee) point, which juts out into the canyon. If anyone does go to the Grand Canyon, and plans to watch the sunrise, I do recommend this location.

We left the Grand Canyon after the sunrise, and we headed to Four Corners, which is where the boundaries of four states meet in a perfect perpendicular line. The states are New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. I was in four states at one time!

Four Corners
Four Corners

After Four Corners, we headed straight to Durango, Colorado, where we stayed at a hotel called The Best Western Mountain Shadows. It was very comfortable for sleeping, had a pool and a hot tub, and a great breakfast with lots of homemade waffles and bacon.

Best Western Mountain Shadows
Best Western Mountain Shadows


That’s it for day 3, meet you on day 4!

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One thought on “The Grand Canyon Trip – Day 3

  1. Glad you got to go to where you were looking forward to going…4 corners…just think I was in that same spot as you…love your posts and you of course…xo


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