Labyrinth Key : Pattern 1

Hello to all my fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! Today I am announcing the release of my brand new puzzle map, Labyrinth Key : Pattern 1. This is a map that will test your puzzle solving skills to the limit! Will you be able to make it through the first labyrinth, or will you get stuck on this vast array of challenging puzzles?


Labyrinth Key : Pattern 1 Thumbnail


The Labyrinth Key : Pattern 1  Storyline

The citizens of YouFooooooolsville need your help to harness the power of the stars. Navigate your way through this labyrinth style puzzle to uncover the hidden secrets and open the puzzle wing. Test your skills in a variety of puzzles to successfully ignite all the beacons and light up the night sky with the first pattern of the Labyrinth Key.

This map was made by ATL347 and MammaDuck
It is the first map in the Labyrinth Key Series (be on the lookout for #2)

Designed for use with Minecraft v1.8.9
Designed using the “Sphax PureBDcraft” texture pack (we highly recommend downloading and using it, but the map can be played with the default texture or any texture of your choice)

Labyrinth Key Rules:

• Designed for single player
• Play in Adventure Mode
• Have Fun

Labyrinth Key Terms of Use:

• Do not upload or publish this map anywhere else without written permission from the map developers
• To share – please link to this blog post (We love sharing!)
• Please give proper credit to ATL347 and include links to the download page when publishing screenshots/videos

Maps take a ton of time to develop, so please respect the terms of use and credit the map developers properly. We appreciate your feedback and promotion of this map!

Want to play the map for yourself?

You can download the Labyrinth Key : Pattern 1 Map Here!

Important Note About the Download Link: We have decided to use the website as our method of file sharing for this map. Downloading maps using the link directly supports the map creator by counting downloads. Revenue is generated by a short ad that will show on screen. Just wait 5 seconds and then click “Skip Ad” in the top-right corner to proceed to the map download page. 

Having trouble installing the map on your machine? If so, check out and they’ll give you a little walkthrough on downloading maps for Mac and Windows.

Did we completely stump you on the puzzles?
Check my Run-through for solutions – but only as a last resort!)

Want to see more of my stuff? Check out my Channel!

Thanks for reading and following along. Remember, if you’re not following already, be sure to click the ‘follow’ button in the bottom right so you can get notified when a new post on my blog is out, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.



This blog and the it’s components were part of Aiden’s 4th through 6th grade homeschool lessons. In this project, I guided Aiden as he planned, designed, built, and programmed this Minecraft puzzle map. This project took over three months to complete. Aiden received educational guidance on how to properly plan and manage a project of this complexity and minor assistance with building structures and testing puzzle components. All other work was done by Aiden. All programming for this map was completed inside Minecraft using redstone circuitry and through the in-game command line. Major programs included: Minecraft, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

-Liz LaFrance

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