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I see what Dash sees – a Wonder Workshop program

Hello Wonder League Fanatics! Today I bring you another Wonder Workshop blog! This one contains information about the sensors on Dash and Dot; the little black ovals on their bodies. These sensors are like robot eyeballs and they allow Dash to see Dot! The way it works is Dot sends out an infrared signal, a signal we cannot see but Dash can.

The program I built makes Dash’s lights turn red as soon as he sees Dot. That way, I can ‘see’ what Dash sees and it allows me to use Dot as a beacon more effectively when solving missions.

The program is very quick to create. When it starts, it runs into a loop to turn Dash’s lights green. When he sees Dot, it turns his lights red.

You might wonder why I would need a program like this – well, when using Dot as a beacon in the Wonder League Missions, I found it very useful to know exactly how far away Dot can be in order for Dash to see her. It also allowed me to test how far to the right and left Dot can be.

Here is the program in Blockly :

The Blockly Program

And here is the program in Wonder :
You can download it from the Wonder Cloud with this key: bb93

The Wonder Program
The Wonder Program : Wonder Key bb93

Both the Blockly and Wonder programs do the same thing. I included them both here so you can build it in the program you are most used to – but since Wonder is required for the Wonder League Competition, I recommend trying it.

If you want to see more – check out my video below.

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This blog and the it’s components were part of Aiden’s 6th grade homeschool lessons. In 5th grade, Aiden competed in the first annual Wonder Workshop Robotics Competition and placed 1st in his state, and 5th place nationally. Wonder Workshop reached out to Aiden and asked him to be a student mentor for the second annual competition. Aiden was asked to create two tutorials videos about Dash and Dot that would help new students grasp some of the basics. This is one of the tutorials he created.

-Liz LaFrance

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