Kuazie and Blu

The Dot Finder – A Wonder Workshop Program

Hello Wonder League Fanatics! Today I bring you another Wonder Workshop blog! This one contains a program which makes Dash go out and search for Dot, then approach her when he finds her. This program can be made in both Blockly and Wonder.

The main cues in this program are the Dot Seen, and the Obstacle Seen. These cues help Dash reposition and adjust himself so he is looking directly at Dot when he stops.

Here’s the program in Blockly :

The Blockly Program
The Blockly Program

Here’s the program in Wonder :
You can download it from the Wonder Cloud using this key : mxyl

The Wonder Program
The Wonder Program : Wonder Key mxyl

Both the Blockly and Wonder programs do the same thing. I included them both here so you can build it in the program you are most used to – but since Wonder is required for the Wonder League Competition, I recommend trying it.

If you want to see my build – check out the video below.

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