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The Path Finder – A Wonder Workshop Program

Hello Wonder League Fanatics! Today I bring you another Wonder Workshop blog! This one contains a program which makes Dash find his way through a maze, then stop when he reaches the end which is marked by Dot.

I recommend watching the demo so you can see what you will be building:

The main, and most important cues of this program are the Obstacle Seen, and the Dot Seen. The Obstacle Seen cue looks for an obstacle. This cue helps Dash navigate the maze. The Dot Seen cue helps him know when he has reached the end of the maze.

Here’s the program in Wonder :
You can download it from the Wonder Cloud using this key : wlyc

The Wonder Program - Wonder Key wlyc
The Wonder Program – Wonder Key wlyc

If you want to watch the build of this program – check out the video below. If you follow this build and make your own maze, put a link to your video in the comments below so I can check it out!